RAF at Aviation City


This will be a busy week at Aviation City. We have pilots flying in from as far away as Ohio to kick things off on Sunday. More arriving mid week and then Friday starts the annual RAF ( Recreational Aviation Foundation) fly in weekend. We already have  24 registered to be onsite for the weekend so it should be lots of fun.

This is Rodeo weekend in Arcadia with the “91st Annual Granddaddy of Em All” big time rodeo  March 7-10. You may still be able to get a ticket by calling 1-800-749-7633.  There is plenty to do on a visit to Arcadia with canoe trips and airboat rides on the Peace River as well as all the antique shops and restaurants downtown. More info at the campsite. 

The RAF has been a big supporter of Friends of Arcadia Airport and our efforts to develop this wonderful aviation campsite actually on the airport. Everyone is welcome to fly in and camp out and learn what aviation camping is all about. There will be planes and tents everywhere so please join the fun by flying in to visit. Please note the temporary taxi route change due to construction, see diag below and follow the green dotted line and arrow this time. Also once you pick a campsite push back under the trees far enough to allow other planes to taxi around the circular taxiways on the campsite.   If you have not registered yet please do so by filling in the required registration form on our website  https://foaa.us/camping-reservations/

As I draft this email blast Joyce and I just got back from Aviation City where we met our first visitors this week. Bill & Yvette Tracy from Ohio have arrived to camp the week. They are seasoned RAF airplane campers and had their campsite all set up in a flash. Welcome to Florida guys !




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