A flying club is a great way to lower your flying costs by sharing use of an airplane. If you are already a pilot this can be a great way to stay involved without owning your own airplane and the associated costs. Sharing the airplane and all the costs of hangar rent, insurance and maintenance etc.  is a good deal if you do not fly as much as you use to do.

If you would like to learn to fly this partnership can save you big time and at the same time be associated with seasoned pilots in a club atmosphere. You can take advantage of their knowledge while learning on the same plane you will use when you get your certificate. This is a win/win.

If you are just interested and would like to get involved as a social member so that you can hang out and learn about aviation and participate in events then there is no cost to join us.

The club will be called the ” Aviation City Flying Club ” and is being formed by a few members of Friends of Arcadia Airport, Inc. The club is already a Florida LLC, separate from Friends. The Clubs plane will be a Cessna 172. See club member cost figures below.   You will be able to reserve your flying time with the AOPA flying club scheduler right from your own computer. Social memberships also available at reduced rates.

The club will operate out of Arcadia Airport and the plane will be hangared  there.

If you are interested in this venture please contact Dave Hutchinson at:  daveh739db@gmail.com or Don Morley at: patox5133@comcast.net   Ph: 941-549-5725

They will get you up to speed and place you on the email list for the club.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of this great flying club.


Projected costs:

#1    Buy in will be $1,400 which will go into the working funds acct.

#2.    Fixed costs  Hangar rent, insurance, general maintenance , oil changes, etc. Which will be covered with Club dues of $100 a month (based on 10 members) this figure will be adjusted up or down depending on the number of members.

#3.   Aircraft hourly rate for members will be $50 dry which includes the engine reserve fund.

As you can see we are trying to keep the cost to members very reasonable so that more people will take advantage of this great deal. More members less cost.

So please contact Dave with questions and join the club now.