On the List!

I am very proud to announce that Arcadia Municipal Airport has been picked to be a “nominee” for the best General Aviation Airport in Florida for 2019.

I am sure you can imagine how excited we were when  FDOT contacted us and said we were one of six airports in the State in the finals.  The final results will be August 3rd, We sure hope our hard work and community efforts are recognized by a big win.  This is huge for us when you realize a total of 109 General Aviation Airports have this chance and they are down to 7 for Nominee and we’re one of them.

We are sure many of you have seen and experienced how nice and convenient the awning over the fuel farm is.  This was paid for by the Friends of the Arcadia Airport from monies received from pancake breakfast this past year.   The year before they built restrooms and showers for campers that camped at “Aviation City ” which was built the year before restrooms and showers.  Friends of Arcadia Airport received a vehicle donation that help pilots leave the airport in the courtesy car to go have lunch in town and this helps boost our economic growth in Arcadia.

During these days it’s getting harder to find courtesy cars at airports and this wouldn’t be possible without Friends of Arcadia Airport and their  1,000 members!  We are sure it’s very noticeable that when local pilots  & aviation enthusiast work toward a common goal, good things happen!

The grass Runway has been designed and constructed for a better drainage, we are waiting on the grass to grow in ( it’s looking great) and we are hoping that within a month or two we will have our Grand Opening!   Grand Opening date coming soon….

We have an updated Master Plan with Grants for new Taxiway’s and other major improvements.  We are always looking to improve our airport.

I would like to thank everyone involved in participating, planning or funding the great things happening at our Airport.  We greatly appreciate you as a member and thankful to have reached a 1,000 members.  We  hope to see you soon!


Shelley Peacock, Airport Manager X06