Old Farts Everywhere !

Aviation City was buzzing with activity today as the Old Farts Flying Club made its annual visit to Arcadia Municipal.  As usual Old fart Roger and his crew did a great job in planning the event. 


The traffic pattern started to perk up around 10:30 with all types of aircraft arriving for the lunch of Pizza, salad, cookies and cake. What a great time. Airport manager Shelley Peacock counted at least 80 AC  on the ramp and parked at Aviation City. The wonderful thing is the event brings pilots from all  over Fl flying just about every airplane imaginable.  It is a joy to see those radial engine biplanes parked on the campground under a tree. Another benefit to this type of event is the fuel sales made possible by all the visiting aircraft. There was a line up for Arcadia’s great fuel price that lasted most of the day.  Thanks to everyone for supporting our airport. 


Friends of Arcadia Airport would like to thank each and every one that attended today and for the wonderful donation to Aviation City. This group is always so fun to have visit and we hope they will help us spread the word about  our facility to other pilots.  Click on photos for a larger view. these are just a few of the aircraft that parked right on the campground.  Thanks for visiting. 




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