We need your help

We need volunteers to help with tree trimming day this Saturday.  We will have a Pizza lunch for all volunteers.  Please bring your loppers, pole saws, chain saws etc etc.  8 ‘ish  am Saturday at Aviation City @ Arcadia Municipal Airport. See you there.

We have had 8 visitor nights  so far this month at Aviation City. October is the start of our winter flying season here in Florida and we are getting busy. Our latest guests are from Canada on a cross country camping trip. I think Tim & Janette had about 5,000 pounds of equipment and supplies  jammed behind the front seats of their 182P. They are on their way to Key West and may stop in again on the way back.

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Help Please

Another year has passed since we pruned the low hanging branches at Aviation City and we need some help to accomplish the annual task.  This makes it possible for aircraft to park under the trees. Please mark your calendars for the last Saturday of October which is the 27th  and bring your loppers, pruners, chain saw, pole saws etc. We will order in Pizza for lunch for all who give us a hand. Please reply to this email to let us know you can help.

Thanks so much for your support. See you on Saturday October 27.

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Newbie campsite ready for use.

Attention first time airplane campers.  Friends has a special campsite all set up and ready for use by campers to fly in and use. No need to go out and buy camping gear to see if  airplane camping is for you. We have most of what you need to bring the family for a great camping trip at Aviation City.  The secluded campsite has  your own private picnic table, camp stove, lantern, queen size sleeping bag, coffee pot, etc. Don’t forget the restrooms and hot showers , on site fridge and courtesy van at your disposal. This makes it easy for first time campers to try airplane camping. Go to our online reservation form to secure your dates now. https://foaa.us/camping-reservations/     This dedicated campsite is waiting for you to taxi up and park your plane next to the tent and enjoy a great time with the family. No set up time necessary. Hope to see you soon at Aviation City !

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New FBO at Arcadia Municipal Airport

The City of Arcadia is now the new FBO at Arcadia Municipal, X06. This change became official Tuesday October 9th. Airport manager Shelley Peacock will now have her office in the terminal building next to the ramp. As of next week the Friends of Arcadia Airport courtesy van will be available at the terminal building for all pilots to take advantage of when visiting  X06. 

Friends has learned that the City will lower the price of 100LL making it competitive with surrounding airports.  The grass runway improvement project that will give us the best grass strip in the State is nearing completion.  **Note:** Both our paved and grass runways are closed this week because of the improvements on the grass runway 13-31. Later this month all the pavement around the T-Hangars will be refurbished.

Friends is excited about this change and looking forward to more improvements. We have a wonderful working relationship with the airport  and will continue to do what we can to help it grow. We begin our monthly fly-in All You Can Eat Pancake Breakfasts November 17 at 9 am.

We had our first of the season Fly-In Campers to Aviation City last Saturday. Here is a photo and  their review.

Dear Aviation City,

We cant say enough about our flying camping experience at Aviation City last weekend.  It was exactly what we had in mind when we envisioned an “airplane camping” trip.  Arcadia has a great facility right on the field, and it was nice to taxi right up to our campsite, and camp (or “Glamp” as my wife says) with our airplane.  We appreciated that you are dog friendly; and we found the area is full of potential adventure. 

When we arrived, we easily taxied and parked our airplane (V-35B Bonanza) under a tree.  We were greeted by Mr. George Chase, President of Friends of Arcadia Airport, and Rickey Hilton , Vice Pres. and made to feel very welcome. 

The spotless bathroom and shower were first class.  Water, electricity firewood and charcoal were all provide. There is a fire pit, outdoor grills, tent and a courtesy van available for campers.  The spotless bathroom and shower were first class. 

We borrowed the van and hiked the trails at Morgan Park, about a 10 minutes drive from the airport. The scenery there is beautiful, and the trail takes you along a portion of the Peace River.   On the second day we arranged for a canoe trip down the Peace River with “Canoe Outpost”.   It was a very relaxing adventure on the river, and they picked us up and returned us to the camp site!  We highly recommend both of these trips; they are close, inexpensive, and very enjoyable. 

Thank you Aviation City and Friends of Arcadia Airport for the perfect family camping trip.  We had  a special memorable experience, and are definitely planning to return soon.


Steve, Jenny and Bob (the dog) Eckberg

Merritt Island, Florida

Hangared at KTIX



Aviation City is ready for the flying season so make plans now to stop by and enjoy this wonderful facility. Please make your reservations at  www.FoAA.us/camping-reservations/

Hope to see you at Arcadia Municipal soon.

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Commercial Hangar for Rent & Job Listing


Arcadia Airport is undergoing a transformation with the upgrades to the grass strip soon to be completed and taxi lane  improvements about to begin.  Aviation City is attracting pilots to visit from all over the nation to camp out with their aircraft. The airport now has a 5000 sq ft hangar for rent and you are the first to hear about it.

This is a 100 x 50 ft commercial hangar with a rolling door opening of 52 ft. It would make a great location for an aviation business as  it has restrooms and office space and is located near the entrance of Arcadia Municipal Airport. It can hold at least 4 small aircraft if used as shared hangar space. This great hangar is for rent by the City of Arcadia. If you know of anyone that may be interested please have them contact Shelley Peacock at 863-494-7844 for more information.

On another note:

The City of Arcadia is looking for a part time employee. This is a clerical position assisting the airport manager at Arcadia Airport requiring computer/ office skills and greeting pilots. Salary is $10.98 per hour and includes weekends. Contact Shelley Peacock @863-494-4114 for more information.

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Master Pilot Award


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Friends turns 6

When we sat down around the dining room table on September 28, 2012, and formed Friends of Arcadia Airport I don’t think any of us could have predicted our success.  What we saw at that time was an airport with huge potential even though it had been neglected for over 18 years. We decided to do all we could to turn the airport around by forming a partnership with the City of Arcadia which would allow us to be part of the solution needed to grow the airport. At first, progress was slow. As we gained credibility  with successful events and positive publicity, both locally and nationally, we knew we were making a difference.

Six years later with the development of Aviation City, the new restroom/shower facility and a courtesy van all provided by Friends, the airport is now on the verge of some major growth. Airport Manager Shelley Peacock has secured numerous  grants for recent airport improvements and there are many more in the pipeline.

Friends member list is approaching 750. We have established a reputation for getting things done that promote the airport. Thanks to you for your support over the last six years. We need more help to take this to the next level. If any of you can donate some time to the cause we sure could use you in our core group. We need you, please contact us at: Friends@FoAA.us  to get involved.

Thank You,

The Friends of Arcadia Airport founders:  George, Rickey, Ross, Dave & Greg

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Be Our Guest @ Newbie Campsite

Here in Florida we have the opportunity to fly year round. However airplane camping at Aviation City can be brutal in the summer months with the heat and daily showers. Now that fall has arrived we are gearing up for our airport camping season. If you have ever camped at Aviation City you know that it is a special place for aviators and now with the new restrooms and hot showers, as well as our new courtesy van, there is no excuse for not bringing the entire family for a overnight or weekend camping visit. So think about making your plans now to visit Aviation City with your family or aviation group this season. We host our famous All You Can Eat Pancake Breakfasts on the 3rd Saturday November – April beginning at 9am in hangar  A-5. All proceeds go to support Aviation City and Arcadia Airport.

Special Offer: 

If you have never tried airplane camping you don’t know what you are missing. Friends of Arcadia Airport wants to make it easy for you to experience this wonderful adventure by making available a special campsite, ready and waiting for you to park your airplane next to, and enjoy time with the family.

This private campsite includes all you need without the hassle of buying, packing and setting up all the camping gear.  Once you try it we think you will be hooked and want to do it more often and invest in your own equipment. The Aviation City “Newbie Campsite” includes a 9 x 13 two room tent with queen size sleeping bag as well as your own private picnic table.  We also supply a box that includes a propane camp stove, campsite lantern, skillets, paper plates and utensils, electric and or stove top perk coffee maker, coffee etc. So everything is here when you arrive except for your food. You may pack and bring that or you can just jump in the Aviation City van and zip into a local grocery store and  get all you need. Then you may use the onsite fridge to keep it nice and fresh for your entire visit ! How cool is that ?

The Aviation City Newbie Campsite will become popular fast so don’t wait long to make your reservation. Go  to: AviationCity.org and fill out the registration form to  reserve your airport camping dates and in the ” desired use” box requests the “Newbie Campsite”. We will send you confirmation of availability within 48 hrs. You may also email us at: Friends@FoAA.us for more info and assistance. We hope to have the Newbie Campsite ready by mid October. link to registration form copy & paste:    https://foaa.us/camping-reservations/

We hope to see you at Aviation City soon. The Friends Board of Directors: George, Rickey, Ross, Dave, Paul & Doug

Click on photos for larger view.


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Courtesy Van ready for use.

The Aviation City courtesy van is ready for visiting campers to use . This great 8 passenger van will allow our guests to go into town easily. Now, if your family is planning a camping trip to Aviation City, you do not have to pack all that food and ice for the stay, just jump in the van and go get anything you need  once you arrive . Remember, we now also have a refrigerator to store your food and drinks and  with the new restrooms & showers your stay at Aviation City will be a breeze.

Please know that you must fill out the camping registration form on our website to camp and/or use the courtesy van. If you are planning a day trip to Aviation City and just want to use the van to go for lunch you must still fill out the camping registration form and submit it for approval. In the desired use box of the form enter that you would like to reserve the van and enter your drivers license number. We will email you back with availability and instructions for access to the van. At this time short notice use of the van is not possible but hopefully in the future we can make that available. This is the only way we can keep track of things. We appreciate your cooperation.

The Aviation City campsite is ready for the flying season and our All You Can Eat Pancake Breakfasts schedule is set for the 3rd Saturday of the month, November – April. So mark your calendars now so you don’t miss out. As local events are announced we will let you know in case you may like to fly in to attend. At this time we know that there will be a Bike Fest on November 2-3, the big Rodeo is March 7-10 and Pioneer Day is March 16. Hope to see you here soon.

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New Brochure is here !

Hello Friends,
Our new Aviation City brochure is finally completed and ready for distribution. We are seeking pilots and supporters to help us place them where they can be seen by the flying community not only in Florida but the entire southeast United States.  We will gladly send you as many as you need by US mail if you promise to place them at your airport and others that you fly to. We have plenty but please do not volunteer to distribute them unless you will follow thru. They show the Aviation City facility in great detail and list all of our amenities including the new restroom/shower facility and the courtesy van. So if you can help us by hand delivering these brochures to airports near you where they can be seen we would greatly appreciate it. Send us an email at: Friends@FoAA.us with your name and mailing address and we will send them to you. Folding brochure shown below.
Thank you for your help.
Friends Board of Directors

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