Request for Proposals

Aviation City is getting an International reputation as a great place to go camping with your airplane. This season our numbers have increased on all fronts. Airplanes arriving from more states and other countries, especially Canada. We even have pending reservations from Germany and Austria.

We have some great amenities already on site as you well know if you have ever camped here. We would like to hear your  suggestions on what we can do to improve the airplane camping experience at Aviation City.   So, send your proposals to:     and help us make changes that will improve your airplane camping visit.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Friends Board of Directors


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Fly-Ins / Pancakes / extra parking

This will be a busy week at Aviation City. Campers will be on site most days as well as a private group fly in & cook out on Thursday. Friday will be the beginning for the EAA Chapter 1551 of Apopka, Fl and their weekend fly-in & camp-out which runs thru Sunday.  Saturday will be our monthly All You Can Eat Pancake Breakfast from 9am- 11am.

If you are with one of the groups visiting Aviation City this week please see the diagram below for special taxi instructions as a temporary change is in effect. For campsite users note the change of taxi route to the site as shown by the green dotted line. Do not follow the white dotted line which is the normal taxi route as construction is still impacting that route. 

If you are planning to join us for pancakes on Saturday please note the added off ramp parking area shown to the SW of the ramp. This area is a very nice grass field well suited for aircraft parking as our ramp gets full fast. Watch for the Marshall when nearing  the ramp for directions to the overflow area. He may have you depart the taxiway prior to entering the ramp area.


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Aviation City taxi path changed

For those of you planning a visit to Aviation City this weekend please note that the normal taxi route to Aviation City will not be open for a few more days. So when taxiing from the ramp towards the two rows of T-hangars you  would normally taxi past them and take a left after the 2nd row to go to the campground.   Now please turn left right in front of the first set of T-hangars and taxi to Aviation City that way.

The weather is looking great for this weekend so it should be a wonderful time to airplane camp. See you all here.

Friends of Arcadia Airport

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FSAACA Fly-In & Camp-Out

This weekend Aviation City will be hosting the Florida Sport  Aviation Antique & Classic Association here at X06. Arrival on Friday Feb 8th going to Sunday  Feb 10th with plans for a group  fly out to the Everglades Seafood Festival on Saturday. The weather is looking great for their annual visit. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun so plan now to reserve your campsite.

On another note the paving around the T-hangars at Arcadia Municipal should be complete any day so please plan your taxi route to the campground accordingly. See you all here.

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Now is the time for airplane camping.

If you have been thinking this is the year to try airplane camping you are right. Aviation City is ready for you with beautiful  “on airport” facilities that include  3  wooded acres. You taxi directly to your campsite by way of two circular taxiways, pitch your own tent or if you don’t have one reserve our large “newbie” tent already set up and ready for you. Enjoy the 20×30 pilot shelter with picnic tables, electric power & water as well as large circular fire hub for a great evening campfire. At days end take advantage of our new restrooms with hot showers. What else could you ask for ?  Perhaps a large fridge to keep your food in ? Yes, we have that also. Oh, and don’t forget the Aviation City courtesy van to visit a local restaurant or attraction. The FBO has the lowest 100LL price around ( $ 3.35) and there is also a  full service maintenance shop, Wingman Aviation, on the field. So what are you waiting for?

Make your reservations now at  The WX for this week can’t get any better for airplane camping so take advantage of it and come on down to Aviation City.
Click on photos for larger view.



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Biggest Yet.

Today’s pancake breakfast fly-in was probably the biggest we have ever held. A few years ago we counted 85 aircraft arriving for one of our breakfasts. Today our City Administrator counted 75 on the field. However at that point there had been a number fly in and depart already, so we think we broke our record for sure. Thanks to all that flew in to join us for pancakes. The line got a bit long at times overwhelming our ability to keep up the pace.  We served over 200 meals in less than 2 hours!  We are planning to make a few changes to avoid that backup in the future. We are limited mostly by the power available in the hangar. With 3 coffeepots, a fridge and microwave we are maxed out.

We had planned a dinner for all our campers to attend. Had a 50 passenger coach set to take them.  Next a concert around the campfire with three talented singers ready to entertain our guests.  However the weather put a wrench in all of that as pilots had to leave early to get ahead of the rain and wind slated for Sunday morning. So the Saturday evening festivities had to be canceled. Special thanks to Mr. Hector Barajas and the Reef & Beef restaurant for their continued support of our events. Thanks also to Luke Wilson, Keith Mathys and Terry Stewart for offering to provide the concert for us and to all of you for dropping in to X06 today to show your support for Friends of Arcadia Airport, Inc..

Arcadia Municipal is officially back on the aviation map. With great fuel prices attracting pilots from all over the state to visit Arcadia how can you go wrong? Hope to see you all back here soon.

Please click on photos for a larger view. We had planes everywhere. Lots of Cubs.   This is only a sample. 

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Final Call/Reminder

The first ever pancake breakfast, dinner & concert event is this Saturday Jan. 19 at Aviation City. Don’t miss this one by procrastinating on making your reservation. Go to:  now  and fill out the form and let us know you will be airplane camping, going to dinner and the concert, as well as how many in your party. I need a head count please.   ADS-B seminar, transportation to and from dinner and concert all free !    The weather is looking great for airplane camping at Aviation City so secure your reservation now.

Breakfast begins at 9am  as usual. Free ADS-B seminar about 12 noon in the pilot shelter. The motor coach arrives at 5 to take camping guests to dinner at the Reef & Beef, followed by the fireside concert about 7:30 at Aviation City. Bring your lawn chairs and enjoy a great concert with Terry Stewart (see photo), Luke Wilson and Keith Mathys under the stars.

Pilots note:  Construction of new taxi-lane around the T-hangars,  you will need to alter your taxi route to get to the campsite this weekend. If you arrive during the pancake breakfast you may need to park on the ramp or other areas until the breakfast is over and then taxi back to the campsite. Plan to fill up with 100LL as Shelley has it set very low at only $3.35 !

We sure hope you can make it for this special 3 day weekend event …..Fly-In/Camp-Out, hot showers,  breakfast, ABS-D seminar, dinner & concert. What else can you ask for?  Aviation City has the best airplane camping facilities in the entire nation so come on out, enjoy and see what pilots all over the country are talking about.  (  We already have our newbie tent reserved for this event.) Click photos for larger view.

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Pancake Breakfast, Steak Dinner & Concert

Friends of Arcadia Airport is planning a very special event in conjunction with our January Pancake Breakfast. On Saturday January 19 we will start off with our famous All You Can Eat Pancake Breakfast at 9am. Fly in campers will enjoy the warm Florida day at the Aviation City campsite where Bob Hart will give a forum in the pilot shelter on ADS-B for anyone interested that afternoon. Bob is the avionics writer for Piper and Cessna Owners Magazines.

A passenger coach will arrive to transport our camping guests to the Reef & Beef restaurant for a great group dinner about 5pm. This self pay dinner lets you choose from two meals with a special price for our guests of 8-10 oz  rib eye steak with baked beans, salad soft drink or tea for $20 or grilled or fried boneless chicken with pasta or side , soft drink or ice tea for only $13 , or you may order off the menu if you like.

After dinner the coach will take us back to Aviation City where we will have a special concert featuring Terry Stewart, our City Administrator, at the campfire. Terry performs all over SW Florida with his one man show singing standards of the 40’s as well as contemporary. Along with Terry we have two more local musicians, Luke Wilson & Keith Mathys who both do blend of folk, country and standards. These guys are all top notch and we are sure you will enjoy the music at the campground that evening. Be sure to bring your camp chairs.

So make your plans now to join us for this special fly-in event. You may fly- in on Thursday, Friday or Saturday to camp out at Aviation City  for this first ever Aviation City dinner and concert. Make your reservations now at our website  We need to know how many will be going to dinner Saturday evening so please let us know when you register. Space is limited, reserve now.

See you at Aviation City January 19, 2019 !


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Spot Landing / it’s best.

The winds were gusting out of the NW, planes were bobbing as they neared the white line across runway 24. In the distance  spectators sat in lawn chairs, cars, trucks and on foot to watch the pilots try to hit the mark. The ramp was overflowing with over 45 airplanes that flew in to participate and just watch the event. The spotters were ready to measure and record the results.

We had 24 entries with 19 actually flying in the event. Everyone got two attempts and lots of skill was demonstrated as pilots took their turns in the pattern. It is no easy task keeping a plane aloft at low altitude until you let it touch down on a predetermined spot. The cheers were loud when pilots managed to set it down near the target and disappointment  rang out when they would hit just short of the line, as that was a disqualification by rule.

First place went to Joel Frederick with 9 ft.   ( $100 of 100LL)  Second place was our own Rickey Hilton at 23 ft ( 2 sunset cruises) and third was Bill Hill with 24 ft. free pancake breakfasts and camping at Aviation City certificates.  Thanks to all the pilots that took part for some great flying.

The day gave the public a chance to see first hand what it takes to land a plane at a particular spot and gave the kids in the crowd an introduction to aviation. Fly-ins like this promote general aviation to the airport neighbors and the community in a good way. What could be better? Thanks to airport manager Shelley Peacock and the City of Arcadia for sponsoring this great event and to all the volunteers that worked so hard to make it happen. Make plans now to join us for the next special event on January 19. More info soon. Click on photos for larger image.

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See you Saturday

This Saturday is the Top Gun Spot Landing Contest. Pilot briefing at 10:30 am, don’t be late, contest begins at 11 am. We have a strong field with about 15 registered at this point, Shelley expects to double that by Saturday. So it should be a good day of flying and great for the spectators.
Prizes:  $100 worth of 100LL, sunset cruise for 2,  free pancake breakfast certificates, free Aviation City camping certificates. Don’t forget the trophies for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place.
BBQ truck will be there with Chicken & Pork plates with 2 sides and drinks for $7 & $10 per plate.

If you are flying in on Friday to camp out at Aviation City please be careful as we are having work done on the taxi lane around the T-Hangars. It will be necessary to alter the normal taxi route. When leaving the ramp to taxi to the campground turn left in front of the first row of T-hangars and taxi back to the site.  So make sure you look first.  FYI… Food truck will be serving Friday as well.

Things are ready to go so lets all have a great time and make safety first. See you all at Arcadia Municipal Airport where 100LL is only $3.40 per gal so arrive near empty !

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