Turf Runway Grand Opening

GRAND OPENING~~~Block out your calendar for Saturday August 24th  to come out and land on our new improved TURF RUNWAY!   This Grand Opening is what everyone has been waiting for!  New fresh grass covering all 2400 feet of runway, rolled and manicured for your liking.  We’re inviting our community out to come watch you land here.  

Food Trucks will be onsite next to the Turf Runway. Meals starting at $5.00 and up!  Bring the family out for a fun filled day from 11:00 am- 3:00 pm.   

Can’t wait to see you soon!! 😉

For more information contact  Airport Manager Shelley Peacock at Speacock@arcadia-fl.gov


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On the List!

I am very proud to announce that Arcadia Municipal Airport has been picked to be a “nominee” for the best General Aviation Airport in Florida for 2019.

I am sure you can imagine how excited we were when  FDOT contacted us and said we were one of six airports in the State in the finals.  The final results will be August 3rd, We sure hope our hard work and community efforts are recognized by a big win.  This is huge for us when you realize a total of 109 General Aviation Airports have this chance and they are down to 7 for Nominee and we’re one of them.

We are sure many of you have seen and experienced how nice and convenient the awning over the fuel farm is.  This was paid for by the Friends of the Arcadia Airport from monies received from pancake breakfast this past year.   The year before they built restrooms and showers for campers that camped at “Aviation City ” which was built the year before restrooms and showers.  Friends of Arcadia Airport received a vehicle donation that help pilots leave the airport in the courtesy car to go have lunch in town and this helps boost our economic growth in Arcadia.

During these days it’s getting harder to find courtesy cars at airports and this wouldn’t be possible without Friends of Arcadia Airport and their  1,000 members!  We are sure it’s very noticeable that when local pilots  & aviation enthusiast work toward a common goal, good things happen!

The grass Runway has been designed and constructed for a better drainage, we are waiting on the grass to grow in ( it’s looking great) and we are hoping that within a month or two we will have our Grand Opening!   Grand Opening date coming soon….

We have an updated Master Plan with Grants for new Taxiway’s and other major improvements.  We are always looking to improve our airport.

I would like to thank everyone involved in participating, planning or funding the great things happening at our Airport.  We greatly appreciate you as a member and thankful to have reached a 1,000 members.  We  hope to see you soon!


Shelley Peacock, Airport Manager X06






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Airport Improvements

The City appreciates the nice new awning over the fuel farm.  This is a GREAT improvement to our airport.  Friends of Arcadia Airport paid for this and the fuel customers are already noticing the big difference that it makes!! Thank you for your donations and your visits to our pancake fly-ins last season.   This is how your money was spent! 

Thank you- Shelley Peacock, Airport Manager X06


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Chase Resigns

Good morning Friends,

It has been my pleasure to be a founding member of Friends of Arcadia Airport and serve as its president since day one. Actually, my job was more like a CEO as it involved advertising, public relations, grant writing , contract negotiations, building permits, scheduling and more.   We started out small with just 5 members in 2012. Today, we have an opt in email roster of almost 900.  We vowed to do all we could to help this neglected airport get back on the map. We had a vision that X06 could become a viable thriving airport in spite of efforts by some to stifle us. Today, I know we have accomplished more than what we set out to do.

Gone are the times when you don’t hear or see planes in the pattern for days on end. Gone are the days when the fuel price is the highest in the State, in fact now it is usually about the lowest in the entire State of Florida. Gone are the days of an unfriendly FBO. Gone are the days of the grass not being mowed and the airport looking neglected. X06 now looks well maintained, clean and neat sporting recent pavement improvements and new runway and taxiway lighting. Most recently the grass strip has been updated and will soon be one of the best in the state. The airport is now bustling with activity, pilots flying in to fuel up and take the Friends courtesy van into town for a great breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

I know I have said this before but it bears repeating. The Friends Fly-In/Camp-Out Center, Aviation City, just finished a record breaking season with 296 visitor nights and 746 visitor days! Aircraft flew in to camp out from 20 different States, 30 Florida Cities with 11 aircraft from Canada. All that in just 7 months. The new restroom and shower facility is attracting more families to fly-in & camp-out. Aviation City is doing exactly what we designed it to do which is attract out of town pilots to visit our airport and community. It is nationally recognized as a top notch airplane camping destination. 

One of my last projects as President of Friends has been working with Adam Williams, AOPA’s Manager of Airport Policy. Adam contacted me some time ago about the possibility of the AOPA offering our “How We Did It” document on their website. We developed the document a few years ago after managing to get approval for establishing our fly-in/camp-out center on airport grounds. The document lists some of the obstacles we faced during the process and offers tips that allowed us to make the project a success. Our hope is that it will be used as a guide by other airports and airport groups in developing similar facilities. After all, flying in and tent camping on an airport should be considered a legitimate aviation activity. The document has undergone a face lift with the AOPA logo and branding and will soon be available thru the AOPA website to anyone by simply downloading the file.  (Watch this space).  Please click the attached thumbnail to see the full cover page. We think it is a great reference tool and want to thank the AOPA for helping us make it available to a wider audience.

As I said this was one of my last projects as President of Friends as I will be retiring again, for the last time I hope. There is one person who must get a special thank you and that is my wonderful wife Joyce. Without her full support I could not have been so involved over such a long period of time. She not only was a supporter but was a volunteer, even prior to Friends being formed, when I organized 3 Aviation Days at Arcadia Municipal back in 2010 – 11 & 12. She has been there at every event, helping out with every pancake breakfast, making dinners for groups of 50 – 100 who came to camp out, proof reading all my email blasts  and offering suggestions on how to improve my hair brain ideas so that they actually worked. So thank you Joyce. 

 I have met so many great people during the last 7 years as president who have supported us with encouragement and donations that allowed us to accomplish great things. Your continued support will be appreciated by the new board. Thank you all.  Sincerely, George Chase

click any photo for full size view:


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End of Season

     Another season is over at Aviation City and it was the most successful yet. Our numbers were impressive and we are having a huge impact on the airport and the community. We hosted 4 groups for 3 day fly-in weekends this year. The Recreational Aviation Foundation, The We Be Flyin group,The Florida Sport Aviation Antique & Classic Association and the Experimental Aircraft Associations Apopka Chapter. These 3 day events always prove to be a huge hit and the new restrooms are getting rave reviews. The addition of our 7 passenger mini van as a courtesy car is another huge asset for our guests. 

     We also hosted 3 one day fly in cook outs that managed to break some records as well. The one day events are attracting pilots from all over the State and country as proven by the Old Farts Flying Club on their 3rd year in a row visit to Aviation City. Aircraft of all types from small light sport to radial engine biplanes parked at the Aviation City campground for a great lunch. That day set an all time record for fuel sales at Arcadia Municipal. 

     Beginning in October of 2018 thru April of 2019 (only 7 months) we had 296 visitor nights and 746 visitor days at Aviation City. We had airplanes fly in to camp out from all over the nation and Canada this season. Represented were 20 different States and 30 different Florida Cities.

     Thank you all for visiting and if you did not get a chance to camp out at Aviation City this season you need to make your plans now for next season as it is truly a great experience. Hope to see you at Aviation City soon. We are open year around. 




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Thank You All

Today’s pancake breakfast marked the last one of the season. Friends of Arcadia Airport would like to say thanks to everyone for your support this year, especially airport manager Shelley Peacock, City Administrator Terry Stewart and the City Council. All money raised from our breakfasts go to support Aviation City and General Aviation. See you next November  thru April (3rd Saturday as always).  

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All You Can Eat Pancakes

Saturday April 20   9 am. Arcadia Municipal Please join us for our last breakfast of the season. 

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Last of Season Pancakes

Our last of the season All You Can Eat Pancake Breakfast will be Saturday April 20.  Serving begins at 9 am so make your plans now to attend and bring the family. 


We had a short season this year with plans to hold only 6 breakfasts instead of 7 as usual. However we had to cancel in December because of work around the T-hangars tarmac and then we got rained out in March so we will be down to only 4 breakfasts this season so we need your assistance to have  large numbers to try to catch up on fundraising for the season.    Hope to see you here on the 20th !    Don’t forget only $3.83 for   100 LL. 

ps. Missing: Nikon digital camera with black case. (cool pix P 310)  call George 863 993 0391

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Old Farts Everywhere !

Aviation City was buzzing with activity today as the Old Farts Flying Club made its annual visit to Arcadia Municipal.  As usual Old fart Roger and his crew did a great job in planning the event. 


The traffic pattern started to perk up around 10:30 with all types of aircraft arriving for the lunch of Pizza, salad, cookies and cake. What a great time. Airport manager Shelley Peacock counted at least 80 AC  on the ramp and parked at Aviation City. The wonderful thing is the event brings pilots from all  over Fl flying just about every airplane imaginable.  It is a joy to see those radial engine biplanes parked on the campground under a tree. Another benefit to this type of event is the fuel sales made possible by all the visiting aircraft. There was a line up for Arcadia’s great fuel price that lasted most of the day.  Thanks to everyone for supporting our airport. 


Friends of Arcadia Airport would like to thank each and every one that attended today and for the wonderful donation to Aviation City. This group is always so fun to have visit and we hope they will help us spread the word about  our facility to other pilots.  Click on photos for a larger view. these are just a few of the aircraft that parked right on the campground.  Thanks for visiting. 




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Pancakes at the Airport 2

Sorry for yesterdays email blast with no text.  Here it is again with correction I hope.

Saturday March 16 at 9am is the time to be at Arcadia Airport for the best pancakes ever. Join in the fun by bringing the family out for a fun day in hangar A-5.  All You Can Eat only $6. See you there.


Last weekend the RAF held its annual Fly in Camp-out at Aviation City and they had a great turn out. The Aviation City courtesy van was in full action mode all weekend shuttling guests back and forth to the Rodeo and other venues. Thanks to Bobby Capozzy and the RAF for your support over the years. 

If you are flying in for pancakes this weekend notice the diagram and see extra AC parking area just off the paved ramp. This new parking area should make finding a parking space on pancake day much easier.


Don’t forget that Pioneer Days is this Saturday at Veterans Park as well. 


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