Friends of Arcadia Ariport Inc.

501-c-3 info

“I highly doubt there is any other volunteer organization out there that is as organized and dedicated to the well-being of the airport as Friends is”.

Thomas J. Wohl, Arcadia City Attorney

There have been discussions for a few years on forming an airport support group called the “Friends of Arcadia Airport”. When the Arcadia Airport Advisory Committee was established by the Arcadia City Council in 2008, hope sprang eternal that the new Committee would be able to help turn things around.

We quickly found out that working within the political system placed huge limitations on what could be accomplished in a timely manor. The Advisory Committee made a good start by getting the City back in the FAA and FDOT funding & grant programs, which had been neglected for about 17 years.

Four of the six sitting members of the Advisory Committee started doing research on forming a corporation dedicated to helping the Airport and General Aviation. We formed The Friends of Arcadia Airport, Inc. on September 28, 2012. At that meeting a business plan, bylaws and officers were set in place to take the corporation forward.

We are a State of Florida non profit Corporation and currently hold 501 (c) (3) tax status with the IRS. Your contributions are fully tax deductible.

The purpose of the group as set forth in the bylaws is to support our airport and aviation related events that will help to bring attention to what the airport has to offer.