Fly-In / Camp-Out Registration Form

Use Agreement     ***Advanced reservations and our approval  are required for camping*** Please allow 36-48 hrs for the approval process.


The purpose of this agreement is to set forth the conditions under which the Aviation City pilot shelter/camping area may be used. The entire campsite and related support structures were built and funded by  Friends of Arcadia Airport, Inc. Its intended use is for aviation related events which will help grow general aviation and our airport. Persons using the area do so at their own risk. Arcadia Airport is not responsible for any use of the facility or for any aircraft parked or tied down at the site while using the facility. We do charge  $10  per tent site per night. Your payment will go to help pay the rent, insurance, mowing and maintaining the site etc.   Reservations are required for day tripper groups as well. We request a donation from each person to help cover our costs to keep the facility open to the GA community. There is a secure drop box in the pilot shelter for your payments and donations.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to Friends of Arcadia Airport, Inc. to help us support Aviation City we can give you the necessary paperwork for the IRS.


The pilot shelter/camping area is for the explicit use of the flying public and shall only be used for aviation related functions. Those functions include:

  1. Meetings and other organized functions of pilot or aviation related organizations such as Friends of Arcadia Airport, Inc., the RAF, AOPA, EAA, FSAACA  or other recognized aviation groups. Ground school and air safety seminars.
  2. Overnight camping for visiting pilots and their passengers.
  3. Other events please contact us.  Weddings, Company picnics, etc.


Pilots that fly in and would like to tent camp are welcome. You must use the designated camping area or you may camp under wing on the adjacent grassy area only. Camping is not allowed on other parts of the airport. Dogs must be  “on leash” at all times, no exceptions! Planes must be tied down at all times while visiting. Bring your own tie down equipment.  Please see airport diagram on the home page for site location and taxi instructions . You must arrive prior to dusk as there are no taxi lights to the camping area.   Make sure you fill in and send the registration form below to get your approved reservation time and date. 

Courtesy Van use: 

The Aviation City courtesy van is for use by visitors to Aviation City and Arcadia Airport  . The van is available during business hours by checking in at the airport terminal building and requesting its use thru the airport managers office. You must have the van back at the airport by 4:30 pm. ( unless you are camping ) This van is made possible by Friends of Arcadia Airport and we appreciate your financial support to help us keep the van available for the GA community to use. Local use only please.  Donations gladly accepted.


Persons or groups using the facility shall be responsible for cleaning up the area and removing their garbage when they are finished. Dumpsters are nearby.  If you have used the fire pit make sure you have fully extinguished the fire prior to leaving the area. Please leave the facility in the same condition as you found it. (Ready for the next guest to enjoy.) Contact Friends of Arcadia Airport if any part of the facility is in need of repair or assistance is needed. Pets are welcome but must be on a leash at all times and you must clean up after them.



Persons using the facility shall make certain that any gates are closed and locked at all times when not in use and shall report any malfunction of a gate to the airport manager. You are also responsible for securing any personal items. Arcadia Municipal is not responsible for any lost or stolen personal items during your stay.


Registration Form must be submitted in full to be approved.

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By clicking send you are stating you have read and agree to the terms of use for the campsite. This form will be sent to Friends of Arcadia Airport. We will contact you shortly to confirm your reservation.