Biggest Yet.

Today’s pancake breakfast fly-in was probably the biggest we have ever held. A few years ago we counted 85 aircraft arriving for one of our breakfasts. Today our City Administrator counted 75 on the field. However at that point there had been a number fly in and depart already, so we think we broke our record for sure. Thanks to all that flew in to join us for pancakes. The line got a bit long at times overwhelming our ability to keep up the pace.  We served over 200 meals in less than 2 hours!  We are planning to make a few changes to avoid that backup in the future. We are limited mostly by the power available in the hangar. With 3 coffeepots, a fridge and microwave we are maxed out.

We had planned a dinner for all our campers to attend. Had a 50 passenger coach set to take them.  Next a concert around the campfire with three talented singers ready to entertain our guests.  However the weather put a wrench in all of that as pilots had to leave early to get ahead of the rain and wind slated for Sunday morning. So the Saturday evening festivities had to be canceled. Special thanks to Mr. Hector Barajas and the Reef & Beef restaurant for their continued support of our events. Thanks also to Luke Wilson, Keith Mathys and Terry Stewart for offering to provide the concert for us and to all of you for dropping in to X06 today to show your support for Friends of Arcadia Airport, Inc..

Arcadia Municipal is officially back on the aviation map. With great fuel prices attracting pilots from all over the state to visit Arcadia how can you go wrong? Hope to see you all back here soon.

Please click on photos for a larger view. We had planes everywhere. Lots of Cubs.   This is only a sample. 

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