While your friends are bragging about driving a car, You could be flying a plane!

Join the “AV8RS” Today

Although you can’t get a pilot’s certificate until you turn 16, you can start flight training at any age. So how does this program benefit a young person aged 13-18? AOPA has a vast amount of resources to inspire our future pilots as well as lots of fascinating and fun information to support the curious. When they join, AOPA AV8RS receive a digital subscription to Flight Training magazine; access to member-only content on www.aopa.org and flightraining.aopa.org for research and interesting stories; opportunities to connect with other AOPA AV8RS across the country through dedicated online social communities including Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, and YouTube; informative content at www.aopa.org/av8rs; a special e-newsletter with stories about young pilots, the latest aviation technologies, events, scholarship opportunities, and more.