AV Day 2011

AV Day 2011

Aviation Day 2011 was a great success. The day started off featuring a pancake breakfast that pilots flew in for and the public flocked to. We had helicopter and biplane rides all day long. A learn to fly seminar was held in one of our hangars.

The lunch of dogs & burgers was a hit as were the 4 parachute jumpers that landed on their mark at high noon.

Aviation businesses filled the ramp. Many exciting “fly bys” occurred throughout the day featuring everything from powered parachutes, trikes, experimentals, home built aircraft to a T-6 war bird.

The crowds were large and the day could not have been any nicer. Everyone enjoyed seeing all the aircraft on display and talking to the pilots.

This is what a “day at the airport” should be. Thanks to all that attended and all the volunteers who made the day a very special one. We hope to see everyone next year.