It’s not every day that someone has a chance to set a world record. Well today, at Arcadia Municipal Airport, Chuck Kinberger did just that in his beautiful Carbon Cub.


As the Florida sales manager for SWT Aviation, Inc. that deals with CubCrafters aircraft, Chuck has always been intrigued by airplanes. As a kid he never dreamed he would get to fly one, much less own one. He started flying about 9 years ago and has since earned his instrument and seaplane ratings. He has over 2,200 hours, including 1,500 hours in tail draggers with 900 of that being in the Carbon Cub.  Chuck has proven the Carbon Cub is the perfect airplane to fit his lifestyle.


The attempt involved making the shortest take off roll possible, flying the aircraft around the traffic pattern, then landing with the shortest ground roll possible. The total of the 2 distances is added together and submitted to Guinness along with photos, video and written statements of the official witnesses.


The official witnesses were the City of Arcadia Mayor, Judy Wertz-Strickland and well known pilot Gary Lickle.


Chuck has been planning his world record attempt for some time and after visiting Aviation City recently decided that our airport would make a great venue for it. Chuck was waiting for a weather front that would bring good brisk winds and this weekend was it.

world record


In addition to Friends of Arcadia Airport who provided ground support there was a  group of family and friends that witnessed the exciting event.

The results must be sent to Guinness for verification but Chuck thinks it is in the bag as the old record was 180 ft. and his Carbon Cub did it in only 83 ft. !!!  So now we wait for the official notification from Guinness.

Congratulations Chuck it was impressive to say the least.


Don’t forget that this weekend March 10- 12 is the RAF gathering at Aviation City. If you have not made your online reservation please do so now.  Let us know if you want to go on the Peace River canoe trip so I can arrange the transportation in advance.





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