Work day at Aviation City

Hurricane Irma left a lot of debris down at Aviation City, we have removed some but will need some help to cut and trim some high branches that got damaged but did not fall. We would like to have a volunteer work day on Saturday October 7th. If you can help us out for a few hrs that would be great. Friends will supply Pizza for lunch after. If you have tree pruners on a pole and or loppers please bring them. The plan is to begin about 9am.  Hope you can give us a hand.






This photo is from a prior work day.


We are still raising funds for the new restroom/shower facility and have about 75% of what we need to begin construction. We do have a couple of grants pending and we will not know until mid December if those will pan out or not. We thank all of you that have donated to our capital campaign for this project. We will have a nice plaque on the site once done to show all donors.  .  If you have not already donated it is not to late to do so and have your name included on the plaque.  See below for current list and let me know if your name is not listed properly or is missing please.


Friends of Arcadia Airport * Community Foundation of Sarasota County  *  Recreational Aviation Foundation * George Mathews * J & L Barnett Fund* Arcadia Rotary Foundation * George & Joyce Chase * Mosaic * Ross & Paige Clark  * Beth Wolverton * Dave Hutchinson & Carol Mahler * Bernard & Mary Rhomberg * Doug & Sherry Deal *Wes & Sandra Whitley * Southern Cubs, LLC * Arcadia Rodeo Association * Evelyn Tucker Fund * Florida Sport Aviation Antique & Classic Association * Roger & Terese Brown * Susan Mullins * Robert Obert * Swaine & Harris, PA * Harry Coleman * Arcadia Computer * Leaman & Barbara Aunchman * M.C. & Linda McConnell * Greg Willard * Edward Clark * Bryan Miller * John Annis & Regina Morris Fund * Kingsley & Daisy Chen* Karen Smoke * Douglas Johnson * Paul Moore * Clel Shore * Ron McDonald * Jamie Beckett * Jack & June Marchbank * Joe & Calla Baker * John Shearer * Pat Hange * Richard & Joyce Groth


Don’t forget your donation is 100% tax deductible so please send your check now and include your name on the donor list plaque.    Send checks to:  Friends of Arcadia Airport  at   2692 NE Hwy 70 #757   in Arcadia, Florida  34266.

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