Pat Hange….Legend

Recently as I was entering Arcadia Airport I came to a halt as  I saw Pat Hange in her back yard just off the airport property. I had to stop and say hello as I have not had time to visit recently with the construction of the new restrooms going on. I just happen to have the Donor Plaque in the back seat and wanted to show it to her as she was listed on the plaque.

Pat is an aviation legend and has a soft spot for X06 as she and Harriet Hamilton operated Lenox Flight School at Arcadia Airport during the 70’s & 80’s. They both spent their entire lives in aviation. They are both in the Soaring Hall of Fame.

Pat is unique in that she is the first certificated woman aircraft mechanic to receive this award. This award recognizes those aircraft mechanics or repairmen who have engaged in 50 or more years of aviation maintenance, at least 30 years of which are as the holder of an FAA Aircraft Mechanic or Repairman Certificate.

Pat still lives right next to Arcadia Airport where she can see the grass strip from her back window. So when I got an email from Pat the other day I was excited to share it with the Friends email list.

George   “As I am no longer playing in Aviation, I am so proud to see Friends of Arcadia Airport have put Arcadia Municipal on the map. We ,Lenox Flight School, tried in 1973 to help Arcadia Airport as well. Now, you all are doing a great job.  Well done.”   Pat  Hange   

Pat, from the over 635 Friends of Arcadia Airport members, we would like to say “Thanks To You” for all you have done for General Aviation over your entire lifetime. We truly appreciate your kind words of support.

The Friends Board of directors:  George, Rickey, Ross, Dave, Paul & Doug


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