One of the biggests days yet.

We had fly-ins, drive-ins, bike-ins, motorcycle-ins and walk-ins today at the hangar at Arcadia Municipal for the monthly pancake breakfast! Single engine, twin engine, biplanes and everything in between arrived by air. When you add that to the mix of Ag Pilot training at Eagle Vistas it looked like a real airport today and that is our goal. Could not have been a better day for such an event and everyone enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new ones. At one time the sky was full of traffic and the line for pancakes was over 20 people deep. Our griddle can do 15 large ones at a time but the guys mixing and flipping were out straight all morning. They put out over 800 flapjacks! To go along with that the girls served 450 sausage about 5 gallons of coffee & 7 gal of OJ. We came very close to running out of food.




On another note we got out new “Aviation City” hats this week and have already sold a bunch. They are to promote our on airport campground so we hope you will buy one and wear it often. The Front has a great image of a biplane to highlight Arcadias aviation history.

1-DSCN3702Your cost is only $15 each and we will ship them free !  Send a check to Friends of Arcadia Airport, 2692 NE Hwy 70  # 757 in Arcadia, Fl. 34266 and include your mailing address and check and we will drop one in the mail asap. These are high quality hats that are adjustable so one size fits all. Aviation City is getting famous thanks to all of you. Aviation City…Go ahead,  Google it !

Thanks again for your continued support of our efforts to promote and grow our airport. Next Breakfast is Saturday February 18th and Aviation City will be full of airplanes and tents for a 3 day weekend as we welcome the Millennial Wings, an aviation club for young adults, for a 2nd year. So be sure to come out to see what airport camping is all about and enjoy breakfast with lots of great young pilots.

The Friends Board of Directors


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