Next Season Plans

Hi Friends,

Summer is here for sure in Arcadia with most every day hitting the mid to upper 90″s. The good news is that the grass is nice and green at Aviation City and it looks great. The bad news is that it needs to be cut at least once a week.

We have been working on grant applications for a new restroom/shower facility to support the campground. We have submitted applications for grants from 6 different Foundations to date. We have been fortunate enough to already received one for $2,500 !  We should hear if we were successful in the next month or so for all but the largest one which we find out sometime in late fall.

We will need to raise additional funds I am sure. It will cost us about $43,000 once all is said and done. Please keep us in mind if you can donate to this cause. Your donation is 100% tax deductible.

We are beginning  to plan our next flying season of pancake breakfasts which begins in October and goes thru April. The plan now is to hold all the breakfasts on the third Saturday of each month so that everyone can remember the dates. We will need 2 or 3 additional volunteers to help out at these breakfasts. Remember that all volunteers eat breakfast free.  So if you can help let us know so we can make sure we have enough people. If we do not get the 2 or 3 extra volunteers we may not be able to have the breakfasts.   The dates are:  Oct. 21; Nov. 18; Dec. 16; Jan. 20; Feb. 17; Mar. 17 & Apr. 21 .  Please contact us if you can assist with these great events. Perhaps we can arrange some airplane rides for the volunteers at the end of the season.

Hope to see you all at X06 soon.



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