Restroom Dedication

Today at Aviation City we had the dedication of the new restrooms and showers. In attendance were Terry Stewart, Arcadia City Administrator; Mayor Judy Wertz-Strickland, Wes Whitley of the Recreational Aviation Foundation, Patricia Martin of the Community Foundation of Sarasota County, Carol Butera of the William G. & Marie Selby Foundation, Terry Hill DeSoto County Commissioner, Mike Taber DeSoto County Economic & Tourism Department to name a few. We had about 30 guests and enjoyed some delicious cupcakes and coffee. After some words from a few of our guests everyone took a tour of the new facility.  Thanks to everyone for the support . This new facility is a great asset to Aviation City and will be much appreciated by our airplane camping guests.

Donor Plaque

City Administrator Stewart

Mayor Strickland

George Chase

Chase with Wes Whitley

Patricia Martin & Carol Butera

City Administrator Stewart with Friends Board

Harry gives his approval.













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Talk about fog !

We had a very foggy start to the pancake breakfast …. we could hear the planes up there but could not see them. I got many calls seeking info about conditions on the ground and advised pilots to wait a bit until heading our way. Once it burned off we had a good fly in and drive in crowd. Thanks to all you die hard pancake fans for your support today.

This Friday, February 23 is the Dedication for the new restrooms.  If you made a donation to the capital campaign to fund the building you are invited to join us at 9:30 at the Aviation City pilot shelter. We do need a rsvp by Tuesday to:    so we have a proper head count as we will serve coffee and pastry. The dedication plaque is on the building and looks great. So plan to be here this Friday to see your name on the plaque.

Next months breakfast will have planes and tents on the campsite as the RAF and FSAACA  will fly in for the weekend and they will attend Pioneer Days here in Arcadia. Plan to attend on Saturday March 17 for breakfast and see the planes and tents.

Don’t forget to shoot us an email if you plan to attend the Dedication next Friday.


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All You Can Eat Pancakes Saturday

Hello Friends,  Don’t forget to come to Arcadia Airport this Saturday Feb. 17 for our monthly pancake breakfast. 8:30 am. Pancakes, sausage, OJ & coffee only $6.  All profits go to support Aviation City. While here plan to see the new restroom/shower facility which is all done and being used by visiting pilots.

Bobby & Stephanie flew in from just North of Tampa last Tuesday to camp out. They had a great time and loved the new restrooms.  

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Volunteer Work Day

We are seeking a little manpower help and hope some of you can lend a hand.  Tuesday Feb. 13 at 8:30 we plan on doing some tree trimming at Aviation City. We still have some hanging branches from Irma left up there and need to get things spruced up a bit.   Chain saws on a pole would be great if you have one as well as pruners. We would appreciate any assistance anyone can offer and we will order in Pizza or go out for lunch after. Hope to see you here.

Don’t forget Pancakes next Saturday !


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Pat Hange….Legend

Recently as I was entering Arcadia Airport I came to a halt as  I saw Pat Hange in her back yard just off the airport property. I had to stop and say hello as I have not had time to visit recently with the construction of the new restrooms going on. I just happen to have the Donor Plaque in the back seat and wanted to show it to her as she was listed on the plaque.

Pat is an aviation legend and has a soft spot for X06 as she and Harriet Hamilton operated Lenox Flight School at Arcadia Airport during the 70’s & 80’s. They both spent their entire lives in aviation. They are both in the Soaring Hall of Fame.

Pat is unique in that she is the first certificated woman aircraft mechanic to receive this award. This award recognizes those aircraft mechanics or repairmen who have engaged in 50 or more years of aviation maintenance, at least 30 years of which are as the holder of an FAA Aircraft Mechanic or Repairman Certificate.

Pat still lives right next to Arcadia Airport where she can see the grass strip from her back window. So when I got an email from Pat the other day I was excited to share it with the Friends email list.

George   “As I am no longer playing in Aviation, I am so proud to see Friends of Arcadia Airport have put Arcadia Municipal on the map. We ,Lenox Flight School, tried in 1973 to help Arcadia Airport as well. Now, you all are doing a great job.  Well done.”   Pat  Hange   

Pat, from the over 635 Friends of Arcadia Airport members, we would like to say “Thanks To You” for all you have done for General Aviation over your entire lifetime. We truly appreciate your kind words of support.

The Friends Board of directors:  George, Rickey, Ross, Dave, Paul & Doug


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First official guest

Kevin Dwyer flew in Monday afternoon and found himself our first official Aviation City visitor to be able to use the new restroom. Kevin is from Vermont and heard about us from a friend of his. Unfortunately we had not had time to run the test of the new shower so only the restroom was available but he had lots of hot water there. Today we ran the shower test and all works fine so we are now fully ready for pilots to use the entire facility. Our plan is to keep the restroom on the right side open at all times for X06 pilots to use 24/7. We will open the other restroom and showers for registered guests to Aviation City prior to their arrival.

Kevin below with his float plane at Aviation City. (click pix for larger view)





The dedication plaque got installed today and after the glue dries the staging will be removed and I hope the plaque will stay put.  Our dedication ceremony will be Feb 23 at 9:30 am at the pilot shelter. If you made a cash donation to our capital campaign to help fund the new restroom/shower you may attend but we do want you to rsvp to us so we can have a proper head count.



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“GOOD TO GO”………pun intended






Click on photos for a larger view.

Hello airplane campers.  Today, Feb. 2 , we received our final approval from the DeSoto County building department for the new restroom/shower facility. The building contains two showers and two restrooms with hot and cold water. This now completes the Aviation City long range plan we developed about 5 years ago.

Looking back to that time, we were not sure we could manage to carry out our plan for the entire project as we had strong opposition. We decided we would always take the high road and not take no for an answer. As most of you know we got many “NOs” over the years but never gave up and managed to get it done in spite of all the push back. Now we have strong support at all levels of government including the FAA. Our community support is obvious and that is bolstered by you, our Friends members, with numbers that hover around 635 strong!  Thanks to you all.

We still plan some landscaping and will add an outside sink in the near future to increase the usefulness of the facility.

So if you are an airplane camper please plan to reserve a date for an overnight visit to Aviation City soon to support this great on airport campground. If you have never thought about  going camping with your airplane now is the time to get the entire family together and see what all the fuss is about. Aviation City is a wonderful place for the entire family to enjoy both the airport and a wooded campsite experience, where you taxi right to your campsite.  Go to our website registration page and reserve your visit now for your family or group.  Click Here

The Friends Board of Directors

George, Rickey, Ross, Dave, Paul & Doug


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Arcadia Rotary Club

The Arcadia Rotary Club held dinner meeting at Aviation City tonight and introduced many exchange students to the group. There were about 55 in attendance and the meal was great. As you may know this group made a very nice donation to our restroom building fund and we were very happy to have it available for their use tonight. Thanks to them for such great support for Aviation City. It’s been windy all week we hung tarps to break the wind for our guests. You may click on a photo for a larger image.






















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Mark Baker @ X06

Friends of Arcadia Airport had a special visitor today to learn about our progress with Aviation City and the new restroom/shower facility. Mark Baker, AOPA President and CEO toured the campground and was impressed with the new restrooms. The two shower ,two restroom facility will improve the airport camping experience for our guests. It will be ready for use in the next few days.

Mark flew to X06 in his twin Beechcraft Baron and spent a few hours with the Friends Board of Directors, Judy Wertz-Strickland, Mayor of Arcadia and Jaccarie Simons, Vice Mayor of Arcadia. The wind was strong and we could not keep things on the picnic tables at the pilot shelter so we held lunch in the hangar.

Friends would like to thank Mark for taking time to stop and check up on us here in Arcadia.

L to R below: Paul Moore, Jaccarie Simons, Ross Clark, Dave Hutchinson, Judy Wertz-Strickland, Joyce Chase, George Chase and Mark Baker with his Baron.

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Old Farts at Aviation City

Another great day at Aviation City as the OLD FARTS FLYING CLUB flew in from all over Florida to eat a great burger lunch. The pilot shelter was packed with pilots and everyone had a great time. Rogers official count was 31 aircraft flew in.  Friends would like to say thanks to everyone for visiting and for the wonderful donation to Aviation City.
Our restroom/shower facility got its final inspection today as well and we should have everything ready for use next week.























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