Arcadia Rotary Club

The Arcadia Rotary Club held dinner meeting at Aviation City tonight and introduced many exchange students to the group. There were about 55 in attendance and the meal was great. As you may know this group made a very nice donation to our restroom building fund and we were very happy to have it available for their use tonight. Thanks to them for such great support for Aviation City. It’s been windy all week we hung tarps to break the wind for our guests. You may click on a photo for a larger image.






















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Mark Baker @ X06

Friends of Arcadia Airport had a special visitor today to learn about our progress with Aviation City and the new restroom/shower facility. Mark Baker, AOPA President and CEO toured the campground and was impressed with the new restrooms. The two shower ,two restroom facility will improve the airport camping experience for our guests. It will be ready for use in the next few days.

Mark flew to X06 in his twin Beechcraft Baron and spent a few hours with the Friends Board of Directors, Judy Wertz-Strickland, Mayor of Arcadia and Jaccarie Simons, Vice Mayor of Arcadia. The wind was strong and we could not keep things on the picnic tables at the pilot shelter so we held lunch in the hangar.

Friends would like to thank Mark for taking time to stop and check up on us here in Arcadia.

L to R below: Paul Moore, Jaccarie Simons, Ross Clark, Dave Hutchinson, Judy Wertz-Strickland, Joyce Chase, George Chase and Mark Baker with his Baron.

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Old Farts at Aviation City

Another great day at Aviation City as the OLD FARTS FLYING CLUB flew in from all over Florida to eat a great burger lunch. The pilot shelter was packed with pilots and everyone had a great time. Rogers official count was 31 aircraft flew in.  Friends would like to say thanks to everyone for visiting and for the wonderful donation to Aviation City.
Our restroom/shower facility got its final inspection today as well and we should have everything ready for use next week.























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Mark Baker to visit Aviation City

AOPA President and CEO Mark Baker will visit Aviation City this  Saturday January 27.

Mark is in SW Florida this week and plans to visit  Friends. He learned about Aviation City a few years back when Friends President George Chase gave a presentation to the RAF (Recreational Aviation Foundation) at their biennial Board of Directors Meeting held in Bentonville, Ark. Mark has been following our progress since then and wants to see the site and the new restroom/shower facility first hand.

It would be great if we could have a few airplane campers on site for his visit on Saturday so if anyone would like to fly in to camp out this weekend we will waive the overnight fees. Please make the usual reservation thru our website.   We would appreciate having airplanes and tents on site for mid day Saturday. Don’t miss  your chance to meet Mark. Hope you can make it.

The restroom is near done, we got the LP tank installed today and the tankless water heater is working fine. Shower curtain rods are in and a few towel hooks etc. All the floors have been done with epoxy paint thanks to Glenn Eades for helping with this job.


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Saturday is Pancakes !

Don’t miss this Saturdays   ” All You Can Eat Pancake Breakfast ” and check out the progress at Aviation City on the new restroom project.  See you there.  9 am. 






















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Airplane camping season is here.

Next pancake breakfast is Saturday January 20. Why not wake up to great pancakes that day … Click Here

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Paint Progress

The cold snap has held us back a bit but Doug, Paul & I spent the day painting the new building. Almost done with the primer coat. Hope to get more done tomorrow. Final color for outside is a light tan with the inside light gray. Photos coming soon.







We had campers at Aviation City the last two nights even with the temps in the 30’s!  I guess the fact that they are from Minnesota makes our cold tolerable.
Hope everyone has a great New Year.


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Merry Christmas Friends



Only a few days until Christmas. The Friends of Arcadia Airport Board of Directors would like to say Merry Christmas to all of you and let you know how much we appreciate your support.

This has been a busy year with fundraising and now construction of the new restroom/shower that will support Aviation City. For those of you that donated to the capitol campaign we want you to  know that your donation has made this project possible. Thank you very much. We will hold a grand opening soon and if you donated and would like to attend please let us know so we can include you in the plans.

Thanks for a great year and from the Board of Directors, George, Rickey, Ross, Dave, Paul & Doug we hope you have a  Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. 

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It was a great day to fly and we had a very broad selection of aircraft fly in for pancakes today. Small aircraft with small engines, large aircraft with large radial engines, small biplanes, large biplanes, float planes and everything in between were on the ramp at one point.

The locals turned out in force as well we even celebrated a birth day for one of our long time supporters Clel Shore who is a regular at our events. Margie Mullins  won the 50/50 raffle.   Thanks to everyone for taking the time to come out and support Friends of Arcadia Airport and what we are doing. All profits are used to support our community.

This was the day for many of our members to fly in to see the progress on the restroom shower project that Friends is constructing to support Aviation City, the way things are going it wont be long until the new facility will be getting used by visiting pilots.  Just the center wall needs to go a bit higher then the columns can be filled with cement on Monday. (note: there is 10 yards of concrete in just the floor of this project !)  The progress has been wonderful as the contractors have worked every day for the last two weeks. Concrete floor, plumbing, block walls, septic tank and drain field all about ready.

We had two guests Saturday night at Aviation City enjoying the secure on airport camping experience we offer here at Arcadia Municipal.
(Click on photos for a larger view. )


























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Great Week

Don’t forget next Saturday Dec. 16 is pancake breakfast day. All the pancakes you can eat plus sausage, OJ & coffee for only $6. All profits go to support the new restroom facility under construction by Friends of Arcadia Airport. We begin serving about 8:30. Please come out and join us for a great day at the airport. Visiting pilots please check our website at   and see the Aircraft Parking tab for diagram of  extra places to park as we have a small ramp.

Construction began on Dec. 1 on the new restroom facility with the cement form being built then  it was a flurry all this week with on site action. First the plumber doing  the underground pipe work followed by the cement crew digging all the big footers. Installation of rebar, spraying for termites, installing the plastic barrier, pouring the cement, building blocks being delivered etc. The plumber arrived early Saturday morning in the cold and rain to install all the above ground pipes. Mid week  the City of Arcadia dug and installed the electric and water lines to the site. The plan is to begin laying the block this Wednesday !  Wow what a week. Thanks to Roger Penner of Jewel Contracting for making things happen at this pace. We appreciate it as this is our season and we can sure use the new facility as soon as it is complete.  ( see photos below of all the action, click for larger images )

We do have a few Fly-In/Camp-Out weekend events reserved and are working with 3 more groups planning events at this time so if your group is thinking about visiting Aviation City this season hop to it so we can help you make a plan for your event. We accept on airport camping reservations any day of the week but you must register in advance at our website by clicking the airport camping tab and filling out the reservation form. We will confirm the site is available on the days you request and send you more info by email. So make your plans now to visit Aviation City.


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