New Brochure is here !

Hello Friends,
Our new Aviation City brochure is finally completed and ready for distribution. We are seeking pilots and supporters to help us place them where they can be seen by the flying community not only in Florida but the entire southeast United States.  We will gladly send you as many as you need by US mail if you promise to place them at your airport and others that you fly to. We have plenty but please do not volunteer to distribute them unless you will follow thru. They show the Aviation City facility in great detail and list all of our amenities including the new restroom/shower facility and the courtesy van. So if you can help us by hand delivering these brochures to airports near you where they can be seen we would greatly appreciate it. Send us an email at: with your name and mailing address and we will send them to you. Folding brochure shown below.
Thank you for your help.
Friends Board of Directors

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Turf Runway Improvements

Arcadia Municipal is fortunate to have both a paved and turf runways. It has been many years since the turf runway has had any improvements done. Airport Manager Shelley Peacock has secured funds for making drainage and turf updates to 13-31 and work is underway at this time. This should improve access during the rainy season when the taxiways had standing water at times. From what we are seeing now this will be a major improvement to our airport. We will keep you posted as to when you can plan to land on the new turf. Thanks to Shelley and the City of Arcadia for their strong support for X06 and planning more improvements in the upcoming months. IE, the aprons around the T-hangars are  set to be resurfaced beginning  in October and this is a much needed update.  Friends of Arcadia Airport is proud to be involved in such a great partnership with the City of Arcadia to promote and grow the airport. We are making plans now for the upcoming flying season of Fly-Ins and Pancake Breakfasts and will send out an email blast soon with this years calendar of events.

Aviation City will have some new features for our visitors this year so start planning your visit now.

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Courtesy Van Arrives at Aviation City

Today was a big day for Aviation City and Friends of Arcadia Airport as we accepted delivery of a 2005 Toyota mini van. This beautiful van was donated to us by Stephen & Rita Martin of Hollywood, Fl.  Rita and her brother drove it over to us from Sebastian, Fl this morning and Steve flew over in his Cessna 206 to pick them up and fly them back home.

Friends would like to say Thank You Very Much to Steve & Rita for this very generous donation. This will make a wonderful addition to our Fly-In/Camp-Out facility for sure.  All the paperwork has been completed and the new van will be available to our Aviation City guests very soon to use when visiting.   Watch this space for more details.

Pictured below are Steve & Rita with George & Ross from Friends with the courtesy van and Steve’s 206. Today was its maiden voyage providing transportation to a local restaurant for a great meal for all involved.  Lots of room for 8 adults. What a nice ride !

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Courtesy Van

Friends recently got a phone call from Mr. Stephen Martin with some great news. Steve and his wife Rita will be donating a beautiful 2005 Toyota Sienna minivan for use as a courtesy car for Aviation City. As you know we have been seeking a car or van to support our Aviation City visitors for some time now.  This wonderful donation will allow our guests to go into town for supplies, enjoy a great meal at a local restaurant or visit nearby attractions whenever they like.

We want to take this opportunity to say thank you Steve & Rita for this very generous donation to Friends of Arcadia Airport, Inc.  We are grateful for the continued support we get from the GA community. This donation proves that pilots are great people.   The, new to us, van  will be based at the Aviation City campground for use by our guests in the near future.
Words from Steve:
“I would like to tell any and all pilots who enjoy flying their aircraft to new and different destinations that they should consider flying into and camping at Aviation City, Arcadia, Florida (X06). I had the opportunity to fly in and camp for two nights and three days and thoroughly enjoyed it. One thing I and my friends did notice is there was no way to go to town or store or restaurant while we were there. I talked to my wife about the great time we had there and  we decided to donate a Toyota van that we were not using so that I and others who camp at Aviation City would have transportation while visiting. I would ask everyone who enjoys camping with their airplane to visit this facility and support Friends of Arcadia Airport any way you can and help spread the same opportunity to any other airport you can throughout this country.” Stephen R Martin

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Still Looking

Things are slow this time of year at Aviation City. We have been getting lots of rain so the grass is looking great on both circular taxiways at the site.

We are still seeking a loaner car so please keep your ears and eyes open for one for Aviation City. We can give the donor a full tax deduction for the donation.


Now is the time to plan your fly-in visit for this fall or winter. We now have a very nice 9ft x 13ft tent for families to use when visiting. Our plan is to have it set up during the season and ready to go to make it easier for a family to fly in and camp out. Visitors will now also have access to a fridge for cold storage along with our camp stove and other camping supplies to make your stay easier.  And don’t forget those nice hot showers.   So make your plans now.

See you in the fall !

George, Ross,Rickey,Dave, Paul, Doug & Greg


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Facebook a bust.

Hi Friends,

Our new Facebook page has been hacked I guess. A few days after the page first appeared I got a notice from Facebook saying there had been some strange activity on the page. It had blocked access. I can not get to view the site to reset anything and therefore can not monitor or post anything.  So the Facebook page “Aviation City Arcadia Florida” is out of my control at this time. As soon as possible I will shut it down but who knows when that may be possible. I would advise any of you that have visited or posted to the site not to do that anymore.  I have got a number of emails from our email list asking us not to stop the email blasts and I can assure you that those will continue as usual.

Thanks very much.
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Aviation City now on Facebook

People keep asking when we will be on Facebook? Well, we have finally done it. It is always hard to add another project or job to a group of volunteers but we hope the effort is worth it. We will see.

Please visit our Facebook page at: xxx

Our page title is    Aviation City Arcadia Florida  so please check it out and make a post or comment. If you have visited us please tell us your thoughts on the Aviation City Campground and even post a photo or two.

Help us spread the word on Facebook and encourage your Friends to visit our new page. If anyone has any suggestions for the page please let us know as we are still learning the lingo and trying to make it happen.

This post will go out to our over 700 email list so with those numbers we should be able to get the word out to thousands of Facebook followers  with your help.   So check out the Facebook page for Aviation City Arcadia Florida and LIKE & FOLLOW US.

We are working on a few off season projects for the campground in between the rain storms. Thanks for your support and we hope to see you camping at Aviation City soon.

Friends Board of Directors

George, Rickey, Ross, Dave, Paul, Doug & Greg




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Still Growing

Thanks to the two ads we placed in the new AOPA Travel Pilot newsletter we continue to grow our Friends members list. We tracked the impact to our website following the two issues and had a tremendous increase in viewed pages and also noticed a big increase in our new member sign ups. We are currently at 697 members ! Thanks to each of the new sign ups and please let us know if we can assist you in any way when you get ready to visit Aviation City.

We recently hosted the current class of Leadership DeSoto at Aviation City and gave them an overview of what we do to help grow general aviation and support our local economy. Thanks to all for taking the time to check us out.

We are still trying to locate a “Loaner Car” for our Aviation City guests so if you know of a vehicle that may be available please let us know. Donor can get a full tax credit from Friends. Thank you.

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Good morning all,

Friends is looking for a good  “Loaner Car”  to support Aviation City. It would be left on the Aviation City site and for the exclusive use of our guests. If you have a mini van or 4 door car that you could donate to Friends we would be very grateful.  Please contact us for more details. As we are a 501-c-3 charitable corp your vehicle donation can be fully tax deductible for this years tax return with the IRS.

Thanks very much.
Friends of Arcadia Airport, Inc.

Contact us here


 Friends of Arcadia Airport, Inc. ( EIN   80-0853780) We are a State of Florida Non profit Charitable Corporation authorized to solicit funds within the State of Florida.

Friends of Arcadia Airport, Inc. holds Public Charity Status with the IRS as a 501-c-3  Corporation established October 5, 2012.

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That’s a Wrap

We held our final breakfast of the season on Saturday and had a great day. Many aircraft flew in and also many drive in guests as well. We served about 125  free breakfasts as we held a customer appreciation day offering the free meal. We were pleasantly surprised as most every guest stuffed bills in the donation jar.

Thanks so much to our followers and supporters for your generous donations not only on Saturday but all this season as we funded the restroom project in support of Aviation City.

We hope to see you all next season, or better yet why not take advantage of the Aviation City campground and new restroom by flying in to camp out  soon. Reserve your campsite now.

Have a great summer !   George, Rickey, Ross, Dave, Paul, Doug & Greg
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