National Aviation Day

National Aviation Day is celebrated on Orville’s birthday (Aug.19) each year. If you are a pilot try to introduce someone to aviation today by giving them an introductory flight. Better yet bring them to Aviation City and show them what airplane camping is all about and introduce them to Friends of Arcadia Airport so they can get involved.


Thanks very much to everyone that has already donated to our capital campaign. Today we  reached the end of our matching fund time frame and have met our challenge  of raising $5,000. This will now be matched by the Community Foundation of Sarasota County. Thanks to them your donations to our building fund during the last month were doubled! Friends has raised about 3/4 of the needed funds to begin construction. We still need about another $15,000 to cover all the costs for the new facility.


We expect this last $15,000 to be the hardest amount to raise as our core supporters have already made major contributions. If you have not yet made the decision to support this project, please consider it now and help us to reach our final goal to build the new restrooms & showers. This special fly-in/camp-out facility is proving that small community airports can have a positive impact on the local economy. Aviation City attracts pilots to visit our airport that possibly may not have otherwise. Once here they support our local merchants and attractions. Aviation City has become a model for many other small airports all over the country.


Friends of Arcadia Airport is proud to be taking the lead in developing this plan along with the City of Arcadia. With your continued support we will have a one of a kind “on airport campground” that will put Arcadia Municipal on the map.


The Friends Board of Directors would like to say thank you again to everyone that has made a donation, large or  small, each one gets us one step closer. If you have been waiting to see if we can be successful in our funding efforts before you make your donation rest assured we will accomplish this.  We have approved plans for the building and septic system in hand. This will allow us to apply for the required permits as soon as we have the final funds to break ground. Your contribution will allow it to happen sooner so that we can use the facility this season. Please send your donation  to:  Friends of Arcadia Airport @ 2692 NE Hwy 70  #757 in Arcadia, Florida 34266 today, National Aviation Day.

The Friends Board of Directors

George, Rickey,Ross & Dave

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