Courtesy Van

Friends recently got a phone call from Mr. Stephen Martin with some great news. Steve and his wife Rita will be donating a beautiful 2005 Toyota Sienna minivan for use as a courtesy car for Aviation City. As you know we have been seeking a car or van to support our Aviation City visitors for some time now.  This wonderful donation will allow our guests to go into town for supplies, enjoy a great meal at a local restaurant or visit nearby attractions whenever they like.

We want to take this opportunity to say thank you Steve & Rita for this very generous donation to Friends of Arcadia Airport, Inc.  We are grateful for the continued support we get from the GA community. This donation proves that pilots are great people.   The, new to us, van  will be based at the Aviation City campground for use by our guests in the near future.
Words from Steve:
“I would like to tell any and all pilots who enjoy flying their aircraft to new and different destinations that they should consider flying into and camping at Aviation City, Arcadia, Florida (X06). I had the opportunity to fly in and camp for two nights and three days and thoroughly enjoyed it. One thing I and my friends did notice is there was no way to go to town or store or restaurant while we were there. I talked to my wife about the great time we had there and  we decided to donate a Toyota van that we were not using so that I and others who camp at Aviation City would have transportation while visiting. I would ask everyone who enjoys camping with their airplane to visit this facility and support Friends of Arcadia Airport any way you can and help spread the same opportunity to any other airport you can throughout this country.” Stephen R Martin

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