It was a great day to fly and we had a very broad selection of aircraft fly in for pancakes today. Small aircraft with small engines, large aircraft with large radial engines, small biplanes, large biplanes, float planes and everything in between were on the ramp at one point.

The locals turned out in force as well we even celebrated a birth day for one of our long time supporters Clel Shore who is a regular at our events. Margie Mullins  won the 50/50 raffle.   Thanks to everyone for taking the time to come out and support Friends of Arcadia Airport and what we are doing. All profits are used to support our community.

This was the day for many of our members to fly in to see the progress on the restroom shower project that Friends is constructing to support Aviation City, the way things are going it wont be long until the new facility will be getting used by visiting pilots.  Just the center wall needs to go a bit higher then the columns can be filled with cement on Monday. (note: there is 10 yards of concrete in just the floor of this project !)  The progress has been wonderful as the contractors have worked every day for the last two weeks. Concrete floor, plumbing, block walls, septic tank and drain field all about ready.

We had two guests Saturday night at Aviation City enjoying the secure on airport camping experience we offer here at Arcadia Municipal.
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